Great Middle Eastern food in Manhattan


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Lentil Soup $5.00
Lamb in yogurt sauce with tarragon toasted nuts and pita crackers $23.00
Chicken breast in yogurt sauce $17.00
Norwegian Salmon Filet with lentils carrots swiss chard $19.50
Tagine morroccan beef stew simmered with tomatoes and olives served with couscous $19.00
Chicken Tajine $17.00
Beef Curry $19.00
Beef Coriander tender beef simmered with tomatoes and cilantro $19.00
Kebab Special

Choose two of the following sides: hommos, babaganoug, tabbuli, fetoosh, yogurt with cucumber and mint, mesculid salad, basmati rice, couscous, roast potatoes
Grilled Chicken $17.00
Grilled Norwegian Salmon Filet $19.50

OUZI fillo stuffed with rice and raisins and baked golden brown
Chicken ouzi curried chicken $17.00
Lamb ouzi chunks of lamb $18.00
Vegetable ouzi spinach eggplant zucchini carrots peas $16.00
Shrimp ouzi curried shrimp $23.00

CORIANDER cilantro and tomato sauce with chunks of vegetables served with basmati rice
Lamb coriander $23.00
Chicken coriander $17.00
Shrimp coriander $23.00
Salmon coriander $19.50
Vegetable coriander $16.00

CURRY yellow curry sauce, vegetable chunks basmati rice
Chicken curry $17.00
Shrimp curry $23.00
Salmon curry $19.50
Lamb curry $23.00
Vegetable curry $16.00

Chicken curried chicken layered with eggplant and rice $17.00
Lamb layered with eggplant and rice $23.00

Rib Eye Steak with potatoes and sauteed spinach $32.00
Rackof Baby Lamb Chops with potatoes and sauteed spinach $36.00
Merguez potatoes and salad $19.00
Norwegian Salmon Filet basmati rice and spinach $19.50
Lamb kebab marinated chunks of leg of lamb basmati rice $23.00
Chicken kebab marinated chicken breast basmati rice $17.00
Kufta Kebab ground lamb, parsley onions, spices basmati rice $17.00
Shrimp Kebab basmati rice grilled peppers $23.00
Combination Kebab lamb chicken kufta merguez shrimp $23.00

MORROCAN COUS COUS semolina with zucchini carrots potatoes chick peas simmered in vegetable broth with
Fish $19.50
Chicken breast $17.00
Lamb $23.00
Shrimp $23.00
ROYALE lamb merguez shrimp chicken $23.00

Cold Appetizer
Hommos pureed chick peas with garlic and tahini $6.00
Babaganouj grilled eggplant pueed with garlic and tahini $6.00
Tabbuli finely chopped parsley tomatoes onions with cracked wheat $9
Fattoush toasted pita with tomatoes peppers mint cucumbers walnuts $9
Green Salad greens tomatoes cucumbers
Add Syrian cheese for $2.50
Yogurt with cucumber and mint $6.00
Lebanee thick yogurt $6.00

Hot Appetizers
Sfia Syrian flat bread topped with ground lamb or cheese $9.00
Merguez spicy lamb sausages $9.00
Spinach Pie fillo puffs with spinach and cheese $6.00
Meat Pie fillo stuffed with spiced ground lamb $7.00
Falafil fried chick peas $6.00
Egyptian Bean Salad warm brown peas with garlic and cumin $6.00
Stuffed Grapeleaves $6.00
Hommos or Babaganouj with spicy ground lamb $9

MAZA Syrian meal of hot and cold appetizers with minimum two orders
vegetarian appetizers $16.00pp
vegetarian and meat appetizers $20.00pp

Syrian Favorites
Lamb with tomato and okra $23.00
Lamb with swiss chard and lima beans $23.00